Medical Specialists – Thoracic Surgeons

In his capacity as staff surgeon at Charleston Area Medical Center, Rakesh Wahi, MD, performs thoracic surgery. After obtaining his MD, Dr. Rakesh Wahi completed his residency in general surgery followed by a fellowship in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Once finished with his post-doctoral training, he became a thoracic surgeon, capable of performing operations on organ systems located in the chest.

Some thoracic surgeons choose to focus on particular parts of the body, such as the heart and lungs, while others maintain a more general practice. In terms of specific diseases, thoracic surgeons often carry out procedures that treat a range of conditions, including life-threatening illnesses like coronary artery disease and esophageal cancer.

When first seeing a patient, thoracic surgeons perform a careful examination and go over medical history and diagnostically relevant materials such as CT scans and lab reports. After that, they may make recommendations regarding the need for surgery or other treatment methods.


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